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The judicial court once again found that the allegations of abuse were unsubstantiated.

It is interesting to note that the parenting supervisor, Mr. Gallagher, an ex-police officer, was not selected by the father, or by the GAL, or by the Court, but rather by the mother herself. 


Having previously dismissed the mother's past claims of abuse back in 2010, the Court asked the Guardian ad Litem (a neutral advocate for the best interests of the children), to evaluate the current claims in 2015.  Here are some excerpts from the GAL's report, including references to Mr. Gallagher, the parenting supervisor who was present during the entire incident:


The media covered these same allegations, as well as past allegations from 2010.


Here are excerpts from the complaint filed by the mother:

False Allegations of Abuse

One of the most heinous techniques alienating mothers and fathers use against the "targeted" parent is false allegations of child abuse. 

Such accusations present an extremely difficult dilemma for any judge.  Making a mistake in either direction can have severe consequences.  On the one hand, physical or sexual abuse can damage a child for life.  On the other hand, false allegations can deprive a child of a loving parent, and can leave the child with lifelong feelings of guilt.

Of course, the damage to targeted parents is also severe.  Not only must they endure the anguish of losing the affections of their children, but now they are being blamed for that loss.  Targeted parents also face damage to their reputation, possible loss of their job, and possible incarceration.

The issue of distinguishing between bona fide abuse and false allegations is one of the key elements in the now infamous case of Ebschitz-Tsimhoni v. Tsimhoni. 

Is the father in this case an abusive man?  Does this explain why the children want nothing to do with him?  Or is it possible that the children have been manipulated by their mother into believing -- even propagating -- falsehoods about their father?  Is this a case of estrangement, or a case of Parental Alienation?

Here are the most recent allegations of abuse, and the aftermath: