through raising awareness.

In June of 2014, Oklahoma passed a law protecting the visitation rights of non-custodial parents.

“This bill keeps noncustodial parents from having to go through the hassle and expense of getting a lawyer when the custody schedule isn’t upheld by the custodial parent,” said Senator Ron Sharp, one of the sponsors of the bill.  “They can simply fill out a form at the courthouse detailing the visitation schedule violations and the courts will reevaluate the visitation schedule and punish the violator if needs be.”

Representative Jon Echols, also a family law attorney, is the other sponsor of the bill.  “Currently, if a noncustodial parent is late on child support, they can face fines and jail time. Our state takes not paying child support very serious but we also need to be just as serious about custodial parents following court orders and allowing the other parent to see their children,” said Echols.

Highlights of the bill include specific timelines the court must follow, remedies such as having the custodial parent post bond that is conditioned upon compliance with the parenting schedule, and the award of attorney fees and court costs to the prevailing party.  While not addressing the issue of Parental Alienation specifically, this bill is definitely as step in the right direction.

Here is a link to the actual legislation:

Oklahoma Senate Bill 1612